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Shane Pons

Shane Pons was born in December 1978 and raised in Shreveport La.
As a child, he enjoyed listening to his mom sing in the choir at church. Later on, Shane would sing in the kid's choir while his mom was supporting him as the director of the choir.

Later on as Shane grew into a young man, he became a cowboy like his grandpa and his uncles. He would work around the farm and as he worked he would sing his favorite country songs by some of the great country artists of the time. He always had a love for music and in 2007, his love for music brought him into singing and djing karaoke. But he knew he wasn't just a karaoke singer...there was something more out there for him. Shooting for his dreams and the future that he felt so strongly, he sang in a few rock bands, had a string of successes and he had fun, but he always missed singing the country music that he grew up on. 

In 2013, Shane made one of the hardest decision a musician faces and decided to go solo and sing country music. He not only sings country music, but he does in a style so that it is heart felt and has a meaning and "soul" that will touch and move millions. Shane has spent most of 2014 working on building his band and his original music. With their first album about to drop of 13 original pieces in November 2014, Shane and his band of talented musicians are ready to take on the world and rock them with a style of country music all their own, as southern as their roots!!!

With any large success, comes the responsibility to give back and this is something Shane takes personal. Along with launching his singing career, Shane is currently working on starting his non-profit foundation which will be called the "Shane Pons Foundation". The focus of the foundation will be to introduce children with autism to music and give them a rarely seen chance to learn how to play musical instruments. Autism should not be a "death sentence" for children. Many of these children are outwardly in drawn, but have incredible minds and are brilliant when given the chance to thrive in areas such as music. Part of the foundation will eventually help fund offices with specialized doctors to help treat children and adults with autism in areas that do not have close access to these specialists, cutting the financial and emotional burdens for families and caregivers.


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Shane Pons

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